The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why


The Outer Journey.

After completion of the Inner Journey you will know what’s important to you and what you deeply care about, you know your life themes, qualities, patterns, pitfalls etc. Translating all this to your life in the outside world is the next essential step in order to be able to have a fulfilling personal and professional life. Since most trailing spouses will need to pursue a new career path, this step is not an easy one … but very exciting and full of inspiration! It’s a chance for self-enrichment and reinvention.

How the Outer Journey is organized

You will further discover and develop your true identity and translate this to your activities in the outside world. Without a clear understanding of your passion and purpose it is almost impossible to niche, brand or promote yourself to the right audience. That means that you feel aimless, lost, your business struggles or your career becomes a burden. In part 2 of the program we will identify and map you mission, vision, core values and core qualities. We’ll use 360 degree reviews and a vocation sheet to find you ‘bliss’; the intersection of what you do well, what you love, what the world needs and what the world will pay for. We will identify opportunities and threats in the international and intercultural context. Finally, you will make a master plan for the next 5-10 years: what you really want, using your talents, with smart and challenging goals. Preferably a ‘mobile’ plan, so you don’t need to start all over after your next move.

Benefits of the Outer Journey:

This is the path of knowing what you want instead of knowing what you don’t want, the development of a portable (=international and intercultural) and meaningful (professional) identity. At the end of the Outer Journey you will have formulated: your mission, vision, core qualities, core values and vocation. And you will have your (mobile) master plan ready for the next 5-10 years. A new career and a fulfilling life are waiting!