We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are

The Inner Journey.

Many of the key issues in expat life stem from identity issues. Your identity affects every area of your life, whether it is your career, business, relationships, health or lifestyle. It is the foundation of everything you do. The inner journey explores the core of your being while working on your unique coaching question.

How the Inner Journey is organized.

The Inner Journey starts with a written intake. It’s of great importance for you to choose the right ‘coaching question(s)’. What would you like to have changed about yourself at the end of the coaching program? Your question or problem will be the common thread running through all coaching sessions. (Examples: loneliness, procrastination, grief, culture shock, identity issues, restlessness, relationship problems, problems with your expat children).

We will have a look at your current situation, identify ‘problematic’ areas and explore your needs. Because you are living abroad it is also important to have a good look at the filters arising from your cultural identity. A comparison of your home and host country might provide some new insights and promote bicultural competence. We will do several biographical exercises (both written and graphical) and identify your life themes and patterns. A deep understanding of who you are helps with the realization of your true identity. Choices made on your own life story are authentic and durable. We will look at past, present and future. We might make a soul collage, an inventory of your unlived life, do visualization exercises, a personality test– all depending on what you need. If you are worried about your child we can include a Child Case Study to see if it is linked to a family pattern. Subsequently we will have a look at your subpersonalities (who is your saboteur? who is in the lead in your life?), explore your core qualities and pitfalls and identify your challenges and allergies.

Benefits of part 1:

– understanding the challenges and gifts of expat life for trailing spouses
– cultural competence
– an answer to your unique coaching question(s)
– tools and strategies developed to make those changes you really need and want
– insight in your unique identity, life themes, family patterns, core qualities, pitfalls, allergies etc.

This allows you to make effective decisions and overcome procrastination because you can cut through confusion and overwhelm. All these ingredients will give guidance to develop a steady path in both your private and professional life.