* Prices are VAT exclusive (21%).
* Most companies DO approve the coaching proposal, so don’t hesitate to ask me for one and give it a try! If there is no financial assistance from your (husbands) company after all, you can ask for a discount.
* Sessions take 90-120 minutes and can be done at my office or through Skype/Facetime. The quality is the same.
*  Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make! 
Coaching must be experienced to be fully understood. It’s about forward movement in your life. Assignments between coaching sessions will help to keep these sessions in the forefront of your thoughts and behaviors instead of in the background of your real life.

How to Finance your Coaching

Family support is often part of the remuneration package

Expat moms absorb the stress of both the expatriate employee and the children. Organizations acknowledge that accompanying spouses increase the productivity of their partner’s performance when they adapt successfully. Problems encountered by the accompanying partner are the largest cause of failure in international assignments. That’s why allowance for family support is often part of the expat remuneration package. According to several surveys (KPMG, Brooklyn) a majority of companies do provide assistance for trailing spouses, such as dealing with work visa, providing job search assistance, covering educational expenses, training and coaching. Some companies even offer a lump sum allowance (between 3.000 and 10.000 Euro) for spousal/partner support. You can use this allowance to finance your coaching program.

If not: ask for support at the HRM department.

If your company does not offer this allowance as part of the remuneration package, you can still make a request (=forward our coaching proposal) at the HRM department. Inspired Minds Coaching can make a personalized coaching proposal for you explaining the importance of expat partner support.  Adapting well, feeling satisfied and being happy is not only in your favor but also vital for your (husbands) company. Most companies see the benefits after reading the proposal and are happy to contribute financially.

Need for more profound partner support

Only 9% of trailing spouses are completely satisfied with their life abroad (Internations 2015). What can be done to help them? Expat research expert Yvonne McNulty examined three types of organizational support (practical, professional and social support) in her study ‘Being dumped in to sink or swim: ad empirical study of organizational support for the trailing spouse.’ The four-year study of 264 expat partners in 54 host-locations found that professional support and social support were perceived by trailing spouses as having the greatest impact on identity re-construction and, in turn, their adjustment. However, both types of support were lacking. Although practical support was offered almost without exception, it was also frequently criticized. The need to address intrinsic adjustment and assist in the development of a meaningful portable identity emerged as major findings. There is an urgent need for coaching programs like offered by Inspired Minds. 

Loneliness and social isolation are not only psychologically uneasy states, but may likewise negatively affect one’s immunity and physical health (Professor Cohen, CMU). Physical illness can result from social isolation. Expat spouses often face a risk of poor social integration and a loss of identity, which closely relates to the number of social roles they have. Given the importance organizations place on employees’ health and safety, the discussed notions give yet another reason for better and more profound expatriation support.

All conversations are confidential. Inspired Minds will not divulge that you are in a coaching relationship without your express consent. You, of course, are free to discuss the coaching relationship with anyone at anytime. This confidentiality statement is valid only insomuch as the appropriate federal laws allow.

Appointments must be cancelled minimum 24 hours before the agreed appointment date. Otherwise, a consultation fee will be charged as for an attended appointment.

All fees, costs and other remuneration of the services provided by Inspired Minds and agreed orally and/or in writing must be paid within two weeks after the date of issuing invoice(s) for these services..

How does a coaching program start?

– First you make an appointment (online).
– When the date of your first session is known, it is time for a written intake. Please fill in the intake form and email it to me at least 48 hours before the first session. The more detailed you fill in the questionnaire, the better I can prepare.
– The first session is mainly meant to get to know you and to define more clearly your problem. A good intake is essential for an effective coaching program. I will probably ask you to do some ‘homework’ to prepare for the next session.
– Sessions will be scheduled according to your availability / local time preferences. 3-4 times a month is generally most effective.