Mission: to empower women to achieve their full personal and professional potential so they can have a fulfilling life chapter abroad.

Inspired Minds is a coaching company dedicated to the empowerment and personal development of expat moms and trailing spouses, one individual at a time.

Inspired Minds helps expats moms to:
– Regain a sense of direction in foreign land
– Overcome feelings of isolation and depression
– (Re)define their identity and vocation
– Explore the unlived life and design the desired future
– Understand their children (pediatric & adolescent psychology)

Inspired Minds helps to identify your unique path and to turn your vision and goals into reality.

Specialization: Expat Moms, Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCK), Third Culture Kids, Gifted People, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), (inter)Cultural Psychology.

Paying forward
10% of the profit is used for free coaching of refugee moms and/or supporting women’s initiatives in developing countries .
Refugees have a lot in common with expats: they have to adjust to a new culture, learn a foreign language and have no support network (family & old friends) to turn to. The big difference is that the expat chooses voluntary to migrate (for love, a new job or travel) while the refugee was forcibly displaced through circumstances outside of their control (poverty, persecution, war). Refugees usually don’t have financial resources but need help to heal their trauma and build a new life.