canstockphoto4492272-2Our children do not belong to us. They belong to their calling. What do we owe them? How do we equip them for their journey? What will they teach us? Parenting is about revealing the unknown. Help your children unfold the mystery of who they are. Pursue their interests!

Expat children have an adventurous but challenging start of their life journey. It’s important that parents help them to understand their grieve. Children do live more in the present compared to adults but it is a mistake to think that they do not grieve. Research concludes that they mourn in similar ways to adults. If their feelings are not recognized and attended to, kids can develop a whole range of problems later in life: school difficulties, behavioral problems, isolation, anxiety, anger, substance abuse and other self-destructive patterns.

If you do have concerns about the development of your child or adolescent, you are also welcome to discuss this with me so we can decide what’s in the best interest of the child: you as his coach (I can give you some tools) or specialized psychiatric help. I have been able to help families finding appropriate help when dealing with problems like autism, OCD, giftedness, anxiety, encopresis and sleep disorders.

Parents are the best possible helpers for young kids (most of the time i.e. not if there is an underlying psychiatric problem). If we are willing to spend time and energy to coach them in their problems and are open to look at our won ‘part in the play’, it can be a learning path for the whole family. And an excellent way to strengthen the bonding!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to exchange thoughts to find a different approach or if you feel professional help is needed.

It’s a basic right of a children to live in environment that helps to fulfill their potential!