Expat Coaching / My Coaching

coachingSeveral empirical studies on expatriate coaching (Abbott 2006, Herbolzheimer 2009, McGill 2010) all support the idea that coaching is an efficient intervention in the expatriate context. According to researcher Saidja Salomaa the right coaching language and international experience of the coach are important factors impacting expat coaching success. Expats are regularly misdiagnosed by local professionals. It is hard to understand and judge a situation you never experienced yourself!

Living abroad is the perfect opportunity for change!

Research shows that 85% of our behavior is fixed by the age of 35.
There are 3 effective ‘ways’ to change behavior if you’re 30+:

– emotional happening / loss: it changes our perspective
– change of surrounding or peer group
– Kaizen: changing by taking little steps

Grab the opportunity if you moved abroad. Change is much easier NOW. Make the changes you always wanted!

My coaching

My coaching always takes the specific problems of expats into account. I have experienced international life from different perspectives and understand fully what you’re going through. I also have knowledge of International Cultural Management and Cultural Psychology. Sessions can be done in Spanish, English or Dutch.

My coaching is a mix of regular coaching, psychology and personal strategy. 
I use a whole-person, client-centered approach following the humanistic psychology of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, which focuses on each individual’s potential and stresses the importance of growth and self-actualization. We are all in search of our higher self, a source of wisdom, inspiration, unconditional love and the will to live a meaningful live. Each persons life has purpose and meaning and it is possible for the individual to discover this.

I work on the crossroads of analysis, creativity and intuition. Good coaching is not only about what is going on in your conscious but also about unconscious motivations and roadblocks. We will explore these by doing exercises (written and graphic), biographical work, dream analysis, life script, metaphors, guided imagery and by the effective process of inquiry: asking empowering questions and challenging you to grow.

Working with me you get:
– A space free of opinion and judgement
– A supporter in difficult times
– A partner that challenges you to grow towards your authentic and ideal life
– A playmate whom to brainstorm your great ideas
– A companion to share any fears, doubts, dreams and aspirations during your life chapter abroad

I would love to assist you in unlocking your unique potential.

Coaching : what it is and why it works

Coaching is a relatively new phenomenon, yet its foundations can be found in modern psychology and philosophy. It provides a transformative space to experience growth to move you towards your passion and goals. While therapy focuses on the past, coaching helps you to create a fulfilling future. It is about discovering potential, determining direction and developing strategies.

Why coaching works

Key components that make coaching effective:

One-to-one focus
Each coaching program is tailored specifically to the client, not a general one-size-fits-all program. It is a unique relationship that provides an outstanding opportunity to explore you – without judgment or unwanted advice. A coach will challenge you to take the time to focus on what YOU really want and who you want to be. Your agenda is key! Because the client sets all goals, they are personally motivated to meet their goals.

Clarity & Creativity
Coaching helps you to define what you want and how you’re going to get there. The process of inquiry is at the heart of coaching. Empowering questions will help to clarify your goals and understand your motivations. You will brainstorm out-of-the box solutions while seeking answers. Coaching will also use several techniques to access your unconscious motivations. Contrary to what most of us would like to believe, decision-making is largely a process prepared and handled by unconscious mental activity!

Pattern interruption
Research shows that 85% of our behavior is fixed by the age of 35. Coaching serves to interrupt the unconscious patterns of behavior, consciously look at what is happening and perhaps choose differently.

Share ideas freely in a secure environment where discussions remain confidential.

Programs, tools and strategies developed to help you

Break down your goals into doable chunks.

Once Introspectiona target is clearly defined, steps to get there are easier to formulate. Clients who articulate measurable goals are more likely to achieve them. Your coach is there to keep you on track all the way to the realization of your goal.

Scheduled self-reflection
Introspection and self-reflection is needed for self-awareness. Self-aware people, engage more effectively in self-regulation. No time for self-reflection? No energy? You don’t know how? Coaches help clients to order and systematize to create the time, space, and energy.

Reflection without action does not create results. During every session, clients commit to take actions that will bring them towards their goals. Clients work on exercises that are tailored to their professional or personal goals. The right coach will challenge you to do more than you might have challenged yourself to do.

The right coach provides direct and objective feedback. Their only agenda is your success. Honest real-time feedback helps to get the momentum going.

Responsibility & Accountability
Coaching is about helping people to help themselves, finding the answers within the coachee. The best solutions normally come from the mind that holds the problem. If you make a conscious commitment to move forward with a goal or intention, you’ve immediately increased your chances of realizing that goal or intention. When coachees find their own answers, they are more likely to take greater responsibility and ownership of the solution. People are also significantly more likely to meet commitments when they know someone will be following up. Making a commitment to your coach increases the consciousness that is brought to that commitment. It is no longer simply something you want to do, but something you have committed to doing.

Coach Chris Lucerne:

"Coaching is not just about achieving goals. It is also about revealing the magnificence of who you are at your core."